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Story of Hand Block Printing


India is a hub of cotton hand block prints. Block Printing is an ancient craft form of Rajasthan that is being practiced since time immemorial. Natural colors are used in Block Printing.

Indian fashion industry goes as deep in history as 3000BC.This art has been an integral part of the Indian apparel industry.

Hand Block Printing on textiles refers to the technique by which carved wooden blocks covered with dye are repeatedly pressed along a length of cloth to create patterns.

The production of textiles is very water-intensive. From raw materials to the finished product, water is needed at every stage. The discharge of synthetic dyes and other chemicals has added to water pollution.

If one even drinks the dirty water of natural dyes, he/she won’t fall sick. But drinking this harmful chemical water is extremely dangerous.

People who understand hand work and want only that will not compromise on quality. In spite of the high price and limited prints, they buy original products only. There is no limit to create cheap products, but we have to maintain the authenticity of our art.

Gradually artisans are also trying to cope with the market and are seen experimenting with the new designs, colours and prints. Some of the artisans have thousand of wooden blocks in their collection and they keep buying new ones to remain relevant in the market.

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